In Whose Name and Under What Authority!

Posted by on February 15, 2011

During the past 7 days we have been threatened and intimidated by thugs and bullies of the state twice. These ‘gangsters’ have extorted a quarter of our monthly income with no warning and no credible reason. The alternative to payment was arrest and imprisonment and increased payment. This has to stop, we have to stop them. These are criminals. Politicians, bankers and bailiffs/wheel clamper’s, etc [usually in the employment of the state or the agencies], should be tried in a people’s court. We have the right to arrest them and to charge them with treason for crimes against citizens of the world, against us and our loved one’s. When enough people switch on to what is really happening in the world these people will be in trouble. The time is drawing closer, a time of reckoning is approaching. Tunisia and Egypt were the beginning of the end for all tyrannies. Democracy is not freedom, Democracy is slavery and extortion. This has to end. Tyranny has breed under the banner of democracy for long enough. People in the UK are as enslaved as any others, the people of the US are supposed to be protected by their constitution, but this is being torn up piece by piece whilst they are distracted by sport, celebrity, television and striving for shit they don’t need. We are no different in the UK we are being distracted by the same shit. It is time for us all to wake up and take the power back. Talk to everyone you know, ask them if they feel like slaves, turn people on to this. A new age of civil disobedience is coming. When bailiffs threaten a young lady 9 months pregnant and 2 days over her due date with arrest and imprisonment for non payment of £50 council tax, then things have to change. She couldn’t pay because she was in hospital being monitored for pre-eclamsia, she was not trying to avoid paying, she just couldn’t do it from hospital, so the bailiffs increased the debt to £300, payable immediately or arrest. This same day Barclays bank announced over £6 billion profit this year, whilst the peasants are paying for their bailout of last year and will be for generations to come. The bailout bubble is criminal extortion. This is a sick and disgusting system. 99% of us are underpaid, overworked, we are the peasant classes, we are serfs, this is still a feudal system.

‘the best kind of slave’s, are those that think they are free’

Don’t be fooled by the shit they tell you this system is malicious by design not by default. Forget prescriptive TV information where elite try to present themselves as reasonable and trying to help, the elite are manipulating you very deliberately, this is an info war, be an infowarrior. Tell your friends to visit this site and others like it so they can inform themselves and those around them. We need freedom not democracy!

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  • found your website on google and was just what i was looking for, keep it up :-)

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