UK Riots!!!

Posted by on August 10, 2011

This is not a revolution, this is looting.

These rioters are not political motivated, they are just gangs of kids out thieving. They are flashmobs not freedom fighters. They are not bright idealists, that is for sure. They are not anarchists, they wouldn’t know what anarchy meant.

This is predictable though, it is a product of a diseased society. It is the evolution of a society where the meaning of life is consumerism. This is a class war that was inevitable. When people are dumbed down to this point, they only know that they want ‘stuff’. Our society focuses on the attainment of material wealth, it would be naive to expect that this continue, for long, without eruption.

The best outcome here would be a re-assessment of values, that it might highlight the disenchantment that runs through societies without meaning. It could be that we need a nihilistic spasm to spur on and accelerate a drive towards a different or new social model. The problem is that those in power are completely out of touch and without realistic vision. They themselves are criminally manipulating the fates of other countries and centralizing power and wealth to benefit the a minority. The hypocrisy and double standards that we have become used to, don’t help. Bankers and corporate criminals are literally robbing the country/world blind and they walk free but apparently we are going to come down hard on thick kids that go out looting. This must be stopped but the problems must be addressed. The worry is that it will be used as a reason to roll out increased police powers and draconian laws. These riots seem to have been allowed to happen by the police. This is not how riot police behave at politically motivated protests and demo’s, where they seem to want a fight and have a reputation for violence. So are these flashmobs being allowed to run riot in order to increase the power big brother. That would further the damage to this society and the prevailing sense of dissociation, disenchantment and disempowerment. It is a worry. Please click the comment box at the top of this article and air your views.

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